Laneways graffiti in Melbourne
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Melbourne Slideshow: City Sights

A tour of Melbourne

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Café Planet, Korotogo, Fiji

On a drive to Denarau, an island resort town in Fiji, we discovered Café Planet, located alongside Queens Road, one of Fiji's narrow highways. It's a cozy spot with both indoor and outdoor seating. The inside benefits from a refreshing breeze, and the patio area is large and surrounded by tropical greenery. On the drive… Continue reading Café Planet, Korotogo, Fiji

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City Spotlight: Singapore, Part 2–Food

Hawker stalls are the main foodie attraction in Singapore. They were built for workers to come and eat a cheap, fast, tasty lunch. The stalls are set up in hawker centers around the city, courtesy of the government. Pooling the stalls makes it easier to impose and monitor health standards. Hawker centers are usually open… Continue reading City Spotlight: Singapore, Part 2–Food


City Spotlight: Singapore, Part I–Culture

We traveled in Singapore all last week. It was my first time there, and I was immediately impressed by how modern, clean and cosmopolitan it is. This city-state was fashioned by a benevolent dictator, and the benefits of its brand of social engineering are evident in good public housing and greenery throughout the city. It's… Continue reading City Spotlight: Singapore, Part I–Culture


Diving off Pacific Harbour, Fiji

We went diving off Pacific Harbour, a tourist town on the south coast of Fiji. It's about a 45-min. drive, without traffic, from the capital, Suva. Aqua-Trek was the dive shop that took us out. It bills itself as the pioneer of shark diving in Fiji. The group on the boat was small, so there… Continue reading Diving off Pacific Harbour, Fiji