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Video: New Puppy

  Here's a video slideshow featuring our new puppy, Jolene. Original music by me. See tips for setting the tone during your pup's first week at home here. You can view the video on YouTube.


Bulgur With Prosciutto and Kale

I've mentioned previously that we've started experimenting with whole-grain starches. These grains are so easy to mix and match with other ingredients, making them good for any meal. This dish uses bulgur and is chock full of fiber, leafy green goodness from the kale, and a hit of salt from the prosciutto. I like to… Continue reading Bulgur With Prosciutto and Kale


Coconut Ganache

Ganache is very easy to make and impressive to serve. I had the idea to make it using coconut milk, which imparts rich flavor and an exotic touch. As you see in the photo, I shaped my coconut ganache balls crudely. If you have time, you can try to shape them into a smoother presentation.… Continue reading Coconut Ganache


Grilled Burgers and Asparagus

The sun was shining on Friday evening, making it an ideal time to grill. I was craving burgers, so we took out the ground beef from the freezer the day before and placed it in the fridge to defrost. After it defrosted over night, I placed the beef in a large mixing bowl and added… Continue reading Grilled Burgers and Asparagus


BC Spot Prawns

BC spot prawns are a beautiful, locally sourced seafood with a short season. They're available from May to June, and if you happen to be in British Columbia then, you should definitely try them. They're succulent, with a light pinkish coloring and delicate white spots that give them their name. We bought the prawns live… Continue reading BC Spot Prawns