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Puppy Update: Jolene at 6.5 Months

Jolene is half-a-year old now. She has grown into a long puppy with short front legs, like her Fijian sausage dog mama. She is adorable. And challenging. Much more challenging than our first dog, Guthrie, who has a quiet personality and was pretty much potty trained when we got him. At 6.5 months, Jolene seems… Continue reading Puppy Update: Jolene at 6.5 Months

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Original Art: Puppy Jolene

Our puppy, Jolene, is about three months old now. She is adorable. She's turning out to be a sausage dog after all, as I had hoped. She's got a long body on short legs with chubby paws. So cute. I suspect her father is a German shepherd because of her ears; they're large for her… Continue reading Original Art: Puppy Jolene


3 Training Tips for Puppies

Our puppy, Jolene, is about 10 weeks old. It's remarkable to watch her grow right before my eyes. She used to fit in the palm of my hand. Now, she's about four times larger. She's definitely a Fijian sausage dog, by the way; as I hoped she'd be! She's been with us around 6 weeks,… Continue reading 3 Training Tips for Puppies

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Puppy Update

It's been three weeks since we brought our new puppy, Jolene, into our home. She had two solid weeks of progress with a set routine, but we experienced a drawback for a few days. We got a home juicer recently, and I save the veggie pulp to add easy nutrition to dishes. I started mixing… Continue reading Puppy Update