Reren Lamen and Bar DC

Reren Lamen & Bar, D.C.

Reren Lamen & Bar is a modern noodle spot on the top floor of a rowhouse on Wisconsin Ave, off the main drag in Georgetown. It's a good place for lunch or dinner if you have a hankering for soup. I ordered the house ramen, which comes with pork belly. The broth was tasty, with… Continue reading Reren Lamen & Bar, D.C.

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Ramen: A Story of Independence

Americans celebrated their Independence Day earlier this month, and that annual event came with a new realization for me this year about my first significant steps toward independence. I was a latchkey kid. I had a key that I fastened to my clothes with a safety pin so I wouldn't lose it during the day.… Continue reading Ramen: A Story of Independence

tuna ramen veggie pulp

Dry Ramen with Tuna and Veggie Pulp

We just got a home juicer, and the yield on this thing is great because I don't discard the pulp once I've made raw juice. I store the vegetable pulp and sprinkle it on any dish for more nutrition. Just one example is a dry ramen I like to make for lunch, after a workout.… Continue reading Dry Ramen with Tuna and Veggie Pulp

Asahi Courthouse Arlington VA

Restaurant Review: Asahi, Courthouse, Arlington

We used to live in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. In recent years, the so-called "Orange Line Corridor" of Arlington has become a hotbed of rentals and real estate, and eateries are now plentiful in the area. For sushi, I recommend Asahi in Courthouse Plaza. I prefer it to Sushi Rock, which gets larger… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Asahi, Courthouse, Arlington

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Foo Ramen Bar

I like watching Food Network Canada's "You Gotta Eat Here!" show, which recently showed the casual dining spot Foo Asian Street Food in Victoria, BC. A sister restaurant, Foo Ramen Bar, recently opened up, claiming to be the first ramen eatery in Victoria, and I had a chance to visit last week. Warning: this place… Continue reading Foo Ramen Bar