Diving off Pacific Harbour, Fiji

We went diving off Pacific Harbour, a tourist town on the south coast of Fiji. It's about a 45-min. drive, without traffic, from the capital, Suva. Aqua-Trek was the dive shop that took us out. It bills itself as the pioneer of shark diving in Fiji. The group on the boat was small, so there… Continue reading Diving off Pacific Harbour, Fiji


Key Largo

If you're looking at the photo above, you're probably thinking something's a little off. The scene is beautiful, but the photo's slightly lopsided. Essentially, that sums up my experience of the three weeks we spent in Key Largo. We booked a house rental online, attracted to its location right on the beach. The photos were great.… Continue reading Key Largo


Jamaica Farewell

It's our last week in Jamaica, and, naturally, I feel reflective. This is our first diplomatic tour, and, I must say, we got lucky. Jamaica is a tropical island nation close to the States, with English as the language (although patois can be hard to understand). It certainly became a home after living here for… Continue reading Jamaica Farewell

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Cayman, Take 3

What to say about a great trip. It's hard to articulate. That feeling of satisfaction that puts you into total relaxation, not just in the moment but every time you remember it.  Such was my third journey to Cayman. One of the reasons this trip resonates is because my husband and I had a friend's… Continue reading Cayman, Take 3

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Lionfish in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Ash Wednesday is a holiday in Jamaica. My husband and I spent the day diving in Port Antonio, on the northeast coast, with friends. It's a good place to spear lionfish. We caught three big ones and a few smaller ones and handed them over to a local who has become our cook on the… Continue reading Lionfish in Port Antonio, Jamaica