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A Day Out at the Wharf

After four years of living in Fiji, I appreciate experiencing the seasons change again now that we're back home in the U.S. I enjoy the enlivening chill of the fall air on my face when I go outside. We walked Guthrie and Jolene to the Wharf along Southwest DC's waterfront the other weekend to do… Continue reading A Day Out at the Wharf

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Lobster-Infused Rice

A pair of large lobster shells have been sitting in our freezer, and I finally got around to making stock with them. I covered them in water in a large pot and boiled for 1.5 hrs. At the end of boiling, I stirred in two packets of ramen powder (I keep extras in the pantry… Continue reading Lobster-Infused Rice

lobsters Fiji

Seafood Boil

We went to the Suva municipal market downtown this past weekend. We hadn't been in a while, and we wanted to pick up produce and try the local lobster. The lobsters we chose were beautiful. They had blue-green shells with black and white bands and patterns and a blush of pink in the antennae. We… Continue reading Seafood Boil

Shrimp and naan

Shrimp and Naan

We found garlic naan in the frozen section of a local supermarket in Suva and decided to give it a try. I sauteed shrimp with olive oil, sesame oil, fresh-squeezed lime juice, cilantro and green onion, and served the mix atop the defrosted naan. It turned out to be a lovely, tasty lunch.

Capitano Cafe seafood platter
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Restaurant Recommendation: Capitano Cafe, Lami, Fiji

We were wowed this weekend by Capitano Cafe, a new restaurant in Lami, the next town over from Fiji's capital city, Suva. It's owned by a Fijian from Savusavu, and it serves up classic Fijian cuisine. The location is in an industrial area, so finding the place feels like a discovery; like when we would… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Capitano Cafe, Lami, Fiji