Humboldt Distillery Vodka
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Humboldt Distillery Vodka

While dining at the Mexican restaurant Carmela's in Arcata, California, where I discovered the wonderful dish "huarache," we noticed a grocery store called Wildberries across the street. After eating, we walked over, and, being a foodie, I was immediately excited. This is the kind of stuff I miss while living abroad: specialty grocery stores full… Continue reading Humboldt Distillery Vodka

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Chili-Infused White Rum

I was introduced to chili-infused rum at The Rhum-Ba restaurant in Nadi, a tourist town in Fiji. I instantly liked it. We bought a bottle of local white rum when we returned from Singapore, and I made my own concoction at home. It's simple: Just pour a finger or two of rum in a glass,… Continue reading Chili-Infused White Rum


Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka

I wasn't much of a drinker before--and can't say I imbibe a lot now--but I have come to appreciate good alcohol these last few years. It started when we lived in Vancouver. Breweries are popular in the city, and they opened up a whole new world of craft beer for me. When we moved to… Continue reading Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka


Cannon Beach Distillery

After overnighting in Astoria, Oregon, we drove on to Cannon Beach, where the iconic Haystack Rock sits (you'll know if from "The Goonies"), stately and enduring as it juts from the sandy shoreline. When we came into town, we saw a sign for Cannon Beach Distillery. We like to visit craft breweries, wineries and distilleries,… Continue reading Cannon Beach Distillery