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Lobster-Infused Rice

A pair of large lobster shells have been sitting in our freezer, and I finally got around to making stock with them. I covered them in water in a large pot and boiled for 1.5 hrs. At the end of boiling, I stirred in two packets of ramen powder (I keep extras in the pantry… Continue reading Lobster-Infused Rice

Food for the lovo.
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Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji

Click on the first photo to open gallery. We spent the American holiday of Thanksgiving in Fiji and had a lovo to celebrate. Lovo is a Fijian smoking technique that entails digging a shallow hole in the dirt and laying down stones, firewood, large leaves (including palm fronds), rice/flour sacks and dirt in layers. The… Continue reading Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji

Okonomiyaki shrimp chives onion


I've been meaning to master okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake, and I think I've finally got the trick. I relied on intuition, so exact measurements are not forthcoming here, but I can give you the basics of the batter. Ingredients: water flour corn starch soy sauce Okonomiyaki recipes typically call for eggs, but I don't… Continue reading Okonomiyaki

rigatoni with whole tomatoes and toasted garlic

Kitchen Techniques: Toasting Garlic and Salting Pasta Water

I learned an important technique from watching "The Chef Show" Netflix series--how to toast garlic. This is invaluable for pasta dishes. I've never gotten this right before, and watching Roy Choi and Jon Favreau do this on screen really helped me nail this in my own kitchen. The process is simple: mince some garlic cloves… Continue reading Kitchen Techniques: Toasting Garlic and Salting Pasta Water