brown rice stuffing

Stuffing, Beyond Thanksgiving

I created a rice stuffing dish for Thanksgiving last Thursday. It turned out excellent, if I may say so myself. So full of flavor. This dish is good any time of year as a standalone or a side. I use brown rice and plenty of ground carrots, so it's high in nutrient density. If you're… Continue reading Stuffing, Beyond Thanksgiving

Food for the lovo.
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Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji

Click on the first photo to open gallery. We spent the American holiday of Thanksgiving in Fiji and had a lovo to celebrate. Lovo is a Fijian smoking technique that entails digging a shallow hole in the dirt and laying down stones, firewood, large leaves (including palm fronds), rice/flour sacks and dirt in layers. The… Continue reading Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji


Cornbread in Chuck Rib Drippings

I made cornbread last Sunday to get breakfast ready for the short work week. The cornbread mix isn't original--I used Jiffy corn muffin mix--but I gave it my own twist by cooking it in my cast iron skillet where the juices of beef chuck ribs have been pooling from previous meals. The muffin mix just… Continue reading Cornbread in Chuck Rib Drippings