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Vancouver: The Final Highlights

It's been about a month since we moved out of Vancouver, and a post is in order to pay homage to our final days there. This will undoubtedly be food-related because Vancouver is such a foodie town, and we wanted to make sure we hit all the highlights before we headed out for good. Sura Korean… Continue reading Vancouver: The Final Highlights


R&B Brewing Co.

R&B Brewing has been in East Van since 1997, and it's expanded in the last year to include the Ale & Pizza House under the same roof. When we visited last summer, the interior of the new space was finished, but it wasn't open yet because the restaurant license hadn't come through at the time.… Continue reading R&B Brewing Co.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

We've passed by Nero Belgian Waffle Bar many times. It's in our neighborhood, and we looked upon it as part of the local scenery, without ever venturing inside. Oh, what we were missing. We had a Liège for the first time just in the last few weeks. We walked over after dinner with friends on… Continue reading Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

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Chef David Hawksworth is a big name in the culinary world of Vancouver. His signature restaurant, Hawksworth, housed inside the Rosewood Hotel Georgia with a view of the Vancouver Art Gallery across West Georgia St., is widely considered the best restaurant in the city. We haven't had a burning urge to try it because it… Continue reading Hawksworth

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Beach Oysters

I don't know if Marcel Proust was a cook, but he certainly understood the link between food and memory; how a bite of something can take you back in time. I felt this link keenly on my most recent visit to Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island, a place that has become a home away from… Continue reading Beach Oysters