vanilla and coffee Fiji home garden
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Planting Coffee and Vanilla

We ordered five coffee bushes and five vanilla plants from a nursery based in Colo-i-Suva, and they arrived this week. Our gardener planted them yesterday, and we're looking forward to watching them grow. I'm not sure how they'll fare in the soil in our yard, but it's certainly worth a try. This will be a… Continue reading Planting Coffee and Vanilla

homemade ice cream with Fiji vanilla
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Fiji “Colo” Vanilla Extract

In the last post, I gave a recipe for how to make ice cream at home without a machine. We've been using a vanilla extract product called "Fiji Colo," which is made from organic vanilla beans cured with Absolut vodka. It's made by rural farmers here in Fiji, who are organized under the Rise Beyond… Continue reading Fiji “Colo” Vanilla Extract