chickpea potato curry

Chickpea Potato Coconut Curry

Hubby suggested I make a vegetarian curry with chickpeas, and I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. It's vegan, too. The sauce is thick and creamy. I recommend serving it over brown rice or with a flat bread to soak up the delicious sauce. Ingredients: 1/2 onion, chopped2 medium potatoes3 cups water1… Continue reading Chickpea Potato Coconut Curry

chickpea shake

Chickpea Shake: Light Meal or Post-Workout Nutrition

I thought up of this shake this past weekend when I wanted a light lunch packed with nutrients. The weekends are typically my recovery days, when I don't workout, so I tend to eat lighter lunches then. This shake is full of carbs, protein and fiber, so it's also good post-workout food. Chickpeas are filling,… Continue reading Chickpea Shake: Light Meal or Post-Workout Nutrition

The Ginger People ginger candy

Snack Attack: The Ginger People Ginger Candy

I'm a big fan of The Ginger People's Uncrystallized Bare Ginger. The company is in Fiji, and the product I bought is made in Fiji, but their reach is global--you can buy their products at Trader Joe's, and the company claims to be the top ginger brand in the world. This ginger candy has that… Continue reading Snack Attack: The Ginger People Ginger Candy


Roast Potatoes with Mushrooms

I've rediscovered potatoes. They're versatile, able to be the main event or the side dish. They can have various textures, and they absorb flavor well. This dish is good for brunch or lunch, or as a side dish for dinner. Celery and tomatoes give it pops of color and freshness, and mushrooms add textural variety… Continue reading Roast Potatoes with Mushrooms


Roast Potato and Eggplant Hash

I've been cleaning up my diet a little with vegetarian lunches during the weekdays. This is one of my favorites. All it takes is slicing a large potato and an eggplant, roasting in the oven between 350 and 425 deg F, depending on how much time you have. The higher the heat, the shorter the… Continue reading Roast Potato and Eggplant Hash