Humboldt Distillery Vodka
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Humboldt Distillery Vodka

While dining at the Mexican restaurant Carmela's in Arcata, California, where I discovered the wonderful dish "huarache," we noticed a grocery store called Wildberries across the street. After eating, we walked over, and, being a foodie, I was immediately excited. This is the kind of stuff I miss while living abroad: specialty grocery stores full… Continue reading Humboldt Distillery Vodka


Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka

I wasn't much of a drinker before--and can't say I imbibe a lot now--but I have come to appreciate good alcohol these last few years. It started when we lived in Vancouver. Breweries are popular in the city, and they opened up a whole new world of craft beer for me. When we moved to… Continue reading Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka