Fresh coconut milk and rourou for palusami.
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Video: Fijian Lovo

  Giving you a remix, folks. We celebrated American Thanksgiving in Fiji in November 2019. I did a previous post about it, but I wasn't satisfied with the look of the gallery, so I made a video slideshow to better illustrate the lovo. For a higher resolution version, go to my YouTube page.

waves Tongatapu Tonga
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Video: Waves of Tonga

  The waves off Tonga's main island of Tongatapu are mesmerizing. I took these photos from a cliff overlooking the Blowholes and from the beach at the Land Bridge. All photos were shot with a Canon T7. Check out previous posts for recommendations on where to eat and what to do in Tongatapu.

Queens Road Fiji pink house
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Photo Essay: Queens Road, Pacific Harbour to Suva

  Pacific Harbour is the closest beach to Suva, and it's accessible via Queens Road. Hubby took photos on the drive back during a recent trip, and he came up with some beautiful shots that capture slices of life and landscape. All photos were taken with a Canon T7.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

4 Things to Do in San Francisco

This is by no means a comprehensive list. It's merely a starter, if you're based in Japantown like we were during our New Year's trip to San Francisco. I've got more recommendations in a previous post. I also recommend driving to Sonoma in a rental car if you're into wineries. Lots of fun and only… Continue reading 4 Things to Do in San Francisco

Jianbing Bei Fang Style San Francisco
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Other San Francisco: 4 Best Places to Eat

While we stayed in Japantown during our latest trip to San Francisco, we explored eats in other parts of the city. We found it easy to get around via Uber. There are plenty of great places to eat in SF. Here are just a handful outside of Japantown and Fillmore St., where we were based.… Continue reading Other San Francisco: 4 Best Places to Eat